A Cat Is Better Than A Boyfriend
Except For The Sex

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"I couldn't have picked a better book to have on my coffee table and to give to my daughter-in-law who has a cat as well."
  --Lois Grillette, Pittsburgh, PA


           This is a beautiful, gentle, lovely book about a relationship with my cat.  lf you believe in animal therapy, if you live alone with a cat, buy this book for yourself.  Then get lots for gifts to all the people you know who have a cat.  Ideal celebration or event item.  This book is a winner, it has a beautiful cover, wonderful back cover explaining the title and absolutely beautiful cat photos.  Special book, Right price.  When you buy this book, you are benefitting animal humane, rescue and shelter services in Pittsburgh, too. --Maryanne Barnes, Author

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Written by:  Maryanne Barnes
Printed in the U.S.A.
ISBN 978-0-578-04949-6
Cost: $14.95
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Support animal humane and rescue services when you buy this book with a portion of the proceeds from the sale. 

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